The Beekeeper's Honey

Here's three of our special honeys, what's your favourite?

new zealand honey

Honey from beekeeping has been around for thousands of years, it shows up through religions across the board symbolising all that is sweet and good and sustaining. It is a food offered to gods, produced by an amazing insect, which in some cultures is revered as sacred. That's all a bit full on for The Beekeeper, but even so, we reckon our honey is still fit for kings!

To produce good honey, The Beekeeper has to manage the beehives closely. Part of this is placing them as near to a strong nectar source as possible. The bees do most of the hard work, gathering the nectar and processing the sugars until they are happy with the result. After storing the processed nectar in an open honey comb, the hive fans their wings to evaporate surplus water - this is part of the reason bugs don't grow in honey, pretty darn clever we think!

After the honey is capped off by wax, The Beekeeper carefully takes the surplus honey from the hive, making sure he leaves enough food for winter. To get the right texture, The Beekeeper lends a hand in a natural process where the sugar cyrstalises - we call this 'creaming' and the only thing we do is mix in a really finely crystalised honey of the same kind, this is called a seeder and gives the rest of the honey a template to crystalise on. After that, the seeded honey flows into recyclable glass jars and the cooling is monitored to make sure the crystals form at the right rate, once complete we painstakingly stick on our awesome labels: Coastal Kanuka, Rich Rewarewa and Backyard Blend ready for you to enjoy a spoonful.

We are proud of our honey, nothing to hide, totally natural, 100% New Zealand honey...Just good honey!