Backyard Blend Honey

new zealand pasture honey
  • 500g$11.00
  • 250g $7.00
new zealand pasture honey

Rolling pasture and flat farming plains are distinctly a Waikato feature, but it isn't just dairy farming that these paddocks are home to. Dotted over farmland, down the back of farm races are another important livestock, the humble honey bee. In fact, on these farms the bigger dairy cows are outnumbered, with around 1.5 million bees per apiary (that's what we call our hive sites) buzzing over these pastures.

Clover, thistle and even blackberry produce some of the lightest paddock honeys, and The Beekeeper has struck a bit of a winner with its Backyard Blend. The hives making this honey are carefully located in areas with many floral sources for our bees to choose from. This years’ batch has been carfully selected for its outstanding taste amongst others. This honey is the true-blue modest kiwi honey, perfectly suited to be smeared thickly on buttered Vogels or fresh, chewy white bread.