Costal Kanuka Honey

new zealand kanuaka honey
  • 500g$13.00
  • 250g $9.00
new zealand kanuka honey

The Beekeeper loves all of our honey types, but we have a real sweet spot for Kanuka. It is a polished, refined and decadent honey, but tends to miss its deserved limelight next to its sister Manuka. These trees are easily recognised throughout New Zealand, and to plenty are known as a bit of a pest good only for firewood. To The Beekeeper though, there is nothing better than seeing the pink and white flowers flowing across steep farmland.

Teatree, Kanuka and Manuka have always been known for having great health benefits, the pungent oils being used for wounds, and the leaves being steeped for a healthy tea. The honey culminates these benefits to be something good for belly aches, gum health and skin or wound care, but for the Beekeeper, it is just a darn good tasting honey! The Beekeeper loves to savour the taste of this delicate honey melting it together with just a little butter and pouring it over pancakes in the morning, it's also the perfect sweetener for those lemon drinks.

The Beekeeper's Coastal Kanuka comes from bush land near Raglan harbour, west coast Waikato. An area famous for its surfing, fishing, wild beaches and now its tasty honey.